LexTango's 2nd Sunday Milonga in Lexington, Kentucky

October 2018 was the eleventh anniversary of the 2nd Sunday Milonga. On the second Sunday of the month, you will find Argentine Tango in downtown Lexington, Kentucky, in the atrium at The Square (formerly called Victorian Square). The December Holiday milonga is traditionally held in a different venue.

The tables are set to form a compact, rectangular dance floor to encourage dancers to hone their floor craft and to dance as if in the salons of Buenos Aires. The music is primarily traditional. You'll occasionally hear a modern "cover" of a traditional tango, and rarely, a tanda of "nuevo" or "alternative" tango.

We think of ourselves as an inclusive and friendly community of dancers. We truly welcome visitors, singles, couples, beginning dancers and observers.

If you are new to the milonga scene, you may be interested to know the codes of etiquette observed at traditional milongas around the globe, and that are followed at 2nd Sunday. These are not laws; they are suggestions.

1. Men invite women to dance with the "cabeceo", so ladies: watch for it. Some men might invite ladies directly. Either way, the woman is never obligated to accept and no explanation is required.

2. Argentine Tango dancers flow in a counter clock wise rotation around the dance floor. (This is not negotiable, so you can consider this one a law if you'd like!)

3. Do not pass the couple in front of you except in extraordinary circumstances. Zig-zagging in and out of the line of dance spoils the experience for those dancing around you, and probably for your partner as well.

4. It's very common for couples to chat for some period of time at the finish of a tango, while still standing in the ronda. Wait until the floor begins to move again before you embrace your partner for the next tango. When the dancing starts, the talking stops. Listen for it. It's a beautiful thing.

5. Music at a milonga is arranged in sets called tandas. A short piece of non-tango music (the "cortina") signals the end of a tanda and clears the floor. The man escorts the woman back to her table and returns to his seat. The cortina is not danced; this is your opportunity to scope out your next partner, or take a break.

6. At 2nd Sunday, the tandas contain three songs. If you're not sure you want to dance all three songs in a row with one person, then wait till the second, or third, tango to request or accept an invitation.

7. Argentine Tango is a social dance. High boleos, kicks and lunges of any kind might be employed during an exhibition or in a dance studio, but not at a milonga.

8. Even though it is an afternoon milonga and it may not be dark out, feel free to dress to impress. You will not see dancers in jeans or shorts.

9. Teaching during a milonga is taboo.

10. In the summer, some men bring an extra shirt. Women really appreciate that. It is not pleasant to embrace someone when their shirt is soaked!

11. There is no penalty box, so relax and have fun.

P.S. The 2nd Sunday Milonga is, and always has been, only $5. Just put your $5 in the mason jar. Look for it near the sound system or at Lu Ann's table. Observers are not expected to pay.