Bio: Lu Ann Pelle

Lu Ann Pelle (Photo courtesy of Adrienne Yvr)

Lu Ann Pelle has been a dancer all her life. She studied many dance forms from square dance to Flamenco to Scottish Country Dance. She was employed by Lexington Ballet for 25 years, the last 13 as Director of The School of The Lexington Ballet. Lu Ann discovered Argentine tango in Denver, Colorado and took her first lesson from Ron and Judith Gariepy in Lexington not long after. Her first trip to Buenos Aires in 2008 was the beginning of a serious addiction to the style of dance she encountered dancing with experienced milongueros there. She travels to Buenos Aires twice a year to dance. Like most Argentine tango dancers, she seeks out milongas where ever her travels take her. She has had the opportunity to experience the tango communities in twenty-five U.S. cities and four Canadian cities, as well as London, Dublin and New Delhi.