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Class with Lu Ann: "You already know how to walk."

  • ArtsPlace 161 North Mill Street Lexington, KY, 40507 United States (map)

Lu Ann will share her subversive ideas on “the tango walk.” We’ll play with walking and how it affects your dance. We’ll make the men walk backwards in high heels. Just kidding. We won’t do that. We’ll find some ways to allow the ladies to experience walking forward, and maybe even discover some ways for leaders to prevent traffic jams in the ronda, without getting a ticket from the tango police.

Register in advance with Lu Ann at $12 per person. Exact change appreciated! Studio 3B.

Lu Ann’s Thursday night “close embrace” classes will focus on creating a more satisfying experience for both the lead and the follow. If you choose to dance in an open embrace outside of these classes, you will find that the skills you develop here will still be of benefit. We will strive to create a nurturing and forgiving environment that induces a lot of smiling. Laughter will also be encouraged. When we are tense, our body can confuse our partner’s body.

Argentine Tango is a social dance. For that reason, we will rotate partners throughout class.

Read a brief bio on Lu Ann here.

Photo credit: Adrienne Yvr